Thinking procedurally


So I’ve been toying with the idea for my first project to try and build and release. The idea initially came from a thing that happened during work at The Company.

The idea is that you smash rocks for a wee guy driving around. 

I’ve had a prototype of the rock smashing for a while but it’s gone through a few changes over the months (I’ll post videos when I find them) it was 3D in its first form. Then it was 2D and now I’m back at 3D and for good this time… Only so many time I can rewrite this before going insane.

The reason for the change back to 3D is because of a realisation that I would need more assets then was reasonable get a friend to do without proper payment (I will try and not rip off my friends!) 

So we come to the title of the post “Thinking procedurally” I can create the 3D rock assets procedurally and also use procedural deformation to destroy them. The only problem is that I’ve never written any procedural mesh generators 😬 it’s just triangles isn’t it? 

I’ll try and post more about my progress but the next post might literally be the finished rock and smashing it to bits!

Peace, Ste

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