Thinking procedurally (hot shots) part duex


So at the moment I have managed to get a procedurally generated cube and then apply noise to it based on a seeded value. The results are pretty rock like but I think I’ll be able to sell it even more using a proper material on the mesh.

Now full disclosure I’ve achieved this via free code posted on the internet and tutorials. I’m fairly decent at gameplay coding etc. but this is very maths based which I’ll probably never be good at and certainly don’t have the time to get good at!

Next is getting the mesh to deform when the player touches it. For this I’ve found a free asset on the unity asset store. All I need to do here is hook input to affect trigger the impact. 

I’ll hopefully be posting a video of this soon! Especially if it goes horribly wrong.

One other step is to add randomness to the size of the procedural cube and the seed number, for the noise, both things I know how to do \o/ 



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