Progress and Direction


I have progress to share and more of a direction of what this game is actually going to be, which is nice.

First, the direction as it’s nice to know where you are going. That direction seems to be pulling in the endless runner style of games such as canabalt, flappy bird, doodle jump, and others. The player smashes the rocks while the wee dude drives around being dead mad.  The difference being with this one to the others mentioned is that it’s going to be 3D. (Although while writing this I can see in my head how it would work 2D… endless possibilities in game implementation space does not make decisions easy!

and here’s the video I promised a while back:

Suitably confused?  Good, I’ll explain how it works now.

The white cube is the wee angry dude. the round ball, a rock, is slowly moving towards the block at a velocity determined by the angry dude’s script. the texture below them is scrolling based on the velocity produced by the angry dude wanting to get to that rock. So everything on the gameboard will move using that global velocity. The Texture scrolls waaaay faster than the rock moves at the moment because the texture is quite small. I’ll need to experiment with this.

Anyway, that’s it for now



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