Cereal Killers Part 1 – Setup and Dilema

Greetings and salutations,

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing this post for a couple of days and I’ve had a whiskey (maybe plus one whiskey) so thought I’d see how it goes.

I was watching Hanible and the thought “How could I make this a game?” occurred to me. So as I watched I tried to think of how it would play out and the feelings I’d want to convey as I played it (I can only speak from my own point of view on this) I’ll also be breaking this down as I go.

The things that stand out for me with Hanible as a character are:

  • His power complex, comparison with God.
  • The manipulation of other characters.
  • Extensive planning and ability to execute said plans.
  • His house is his castle

The main thing I would like to feel from these points is the superiority part. As this character, I’m better than the “cattle” of the game’s world as they would be to a Hanible type character. Not strictly a power trip but a definite I’m cleverer than you feeling.

The only actual mechanic I wrote down while watching was “Compulsion Meter”, under a doodle of a rock (IMAGINATION). The compulsion meter would play a part in driving the planning aspect of the game. Your Compulsion to kill grows and grows till you burst killing the nearest person to you at its peak. If you don’t plan to release the pressure at the right time you could be caught. This could also be a problem in that if you leave it too long your next kill is sloppy after going so long without the release (a bit sexy this murdering isn’t it) and mess up the kill or some other detrimental effects. Or you kill so often that you just get caught through lack of planning or being covered in blood all the time.

So if you made it through that last paragraph two things

  1. Bloody well done I doubt I’ll ever read that again.
  2. This brings me to the dilemma

All this talk of serial killers is all well and good but at the heart of this game there’s a serial murderer essentially and I want to put you in the middle of it. I believe in games as art and I think there might be something to this but I can’t help but think it might be very difficult to convey the feeling of being a serial killer, like Hanible, whilst simultaneously reinforcing that this is a bad thing.

Hanible is a psychopath and good at it. You would be killing people in an intimate way (all be it detached, ) and deceiving everyone around you. Although like with Will Graham the player could recruit people as an option.

Anyway, my point is should this be an idea I pursue? The player needs to feel powerful and clever but as a normal person should maybe feel uncomfortable at the same time. I’ll add some mechanics in the next blog post and throw it open to those that might be listening.

Thanks and goodnight



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