Cereal Killer Part 3 – The Darkside

Good Evening,

To start, sorry for the gap between this blog and the last one. Life has a habit of getting in the way of things?
Now to the grizzly business of the dark side of the killer game. This is definitely the bit that piqued my interest when I first thought about this as a game idea. Due to trying to balance the power fantasy and reinforcing to the player that this is a bad thing to be doing – killing people as a serial killer shouldn’t be all cupcakes and sweetmeats. I’m not even sure this needs to be a “fun” game.
I think that the player should most definitely feel uncomfortable during this part of the game again this should reinforce that this is a bad thing. So no ratings no scoring, just the kill and the compulsion meter drops. I think there we have our overall goal for the game which is to remain hidden for as long as possible. You will get caught but you can do things to stop this in both the light and the dark; we can explore that later though.
So how does this whole thing work?

So I had the idea of using business cards (again like the show) to pick targets. You acquire business cards through the light side of the game, when you take them into dark side you can perform actions on the cards.

  1. Research
  2. Recon
  3. Hunt

One action takes a portion of the day. The Research provides locations that the target visits regularly, Recon provides details about the location:

  • Other people at the location
  • Guns at the location
  • Hazards.
  • police response time.
  • The average time the target spends at the location.
  • Regularity the target will go to this area
  • Route taken to the location

The recon stage sees your character in a 3D environment exploring it to uncover information about the targets movements around the location. This needs a time limit so that you can get here with gaps in your knowledge.

You can also use the recon stage to rig traps and remove things that the target could use against you – but these will time out after a certain number of in-game days.

Being spotted or caught doing something suspicious will make attempting a hunt at this location more difficult – cops or more guards or dogs something that means you have to be even more careful…. or potentially more people to murder?

You might even turn up when the target is at the location and you can choose to pounce there and then but shockingly unprepared.

Now the hunt is very similar to the recon event, however, the end goal is to kill your target using your killers distinct MO.  You have to complete the ritual in order to reduce the compulsion meter. Take your trophies and get the hell out of dodge before anyone discovers you.

I think the point here is that you need to PREPARE in order to not mess up completely.

So as for controls and look I’m heavily into this:

Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun

Fixed camera and view so you limit what and who they can see at any one time. You would know the lay of the land and where people normally are and their routines, meaning people could pop out at you and you need to act fast.

It would be fun to include some forensic countermeasures into the plate spinning, the condom suit Hannibal wears should be unlockable. There’s a lot of interesting stuff about the evolution of a serial killer that could be represented in a simple XP system.

I’ve written this over the course of a few weeks using snatched moments so I have no idea how coherent it is or even if you get a sense of what I’m talking about. I also know that lots of things need fleshing out buuuuuut that would require more words. It turned in to a bit of a quick dump at the end there sorry about the smell. Could you feel me rushing? Ye that’s how you should feel as a serial killer, you aren’t Hannibal.